The Consecrator is a special weapon in Six-Guns. It is a crossbow-like gun, similar to the Impaler. It is used in the storyline to fight against your wife. It is not very effective in multiplayer until you upgrade it. In the iOS version, it is unlocked at the end of the storyline for 10,000 coins.

It looks like the Ripper and the Impaler, but unlike them, it is a heavy weapon. It fires Consecrator Bolts, which costs 220 coins, and gives you 36 bolts. It isn't very expensive, and if you get to the storyline, it's likely you'll have enough money to buy it.

The Exorcist will kick it to you in the storyline, although it is not recommended because you are often attacked by moving enemies and witches.


  • Damage: Quite good, if fully upgraded. 96 HP on a body hit and 120 HP or so on a headshot. This is the only other non melee weapon besides the Triple-Barrel Terror that will actually have a double damage statistic after a full upgrade. Somewhat decent if not fully upgraded.
  • Range: The second best stat of this weapon. However, like an Impaler, the bolt will travel slowly, so it is not recommended for use when enemies are moving.
  • Fire Rate: A great stat.
  • Reload: A bit slow, but you won't need it often.
  • Ammo: If upgraded, it holds 20 bolts.


  • Like most other heavy weapons, you can't take cover behind walls and shoot at the same time.
  • If you get the advertisement for this, you can buy it for 10,000 gold without beating the storyline.
  • The Exorcist uses this with the top flaps closed, but you use it with them open.