Crucificator is a special weapon in Six Guns. It costs 285 Sheriff sheriff stars, and it has the second most damage statistic following the Swarm Gun.


  • Damage: Extremely high. A direct hit in multiplayer mode with a fully upgraded Crucificator can deal more than 500 HP. It is an explosive weapon, so it has a blast radius that can deal damage to other targets. It can kill a Werewolf in 1 or 2 hits.
  • Range: Good, though not as far as a sniper rifle. In order to fire this far, however, you need to point it up so that it arcs. Note that in single player, the shot will explode in the air.
  • Fire Rate: The fire rate is quite slow but not bad considering the devastating damage.
  • Reload: Not so bad, better than the fire rate and ammo.
  • Ammo: The ammo is quite bad, though this is quite reasonable as it already has great damage.


  • Do not use this weapon up close. If you use this weapon at a range closer than or equal to a shotgun's, you will kill yourself with the explosion. Firing at short distance (5-6 meters) will inflict critical damage.
  • Based on the appearance and description of it, many people may think that it has a bonus damage to demons, but it actually does normal damage to both outlaws and demons.
  • Its shots arc like a grenade launcher's.
  • Every 100 hours (4 days and 4 hours) you'll get the ammo for free.
  • You rarely, if at all, get credit for killing enemies on single player with this weapon, as they usually die from the burn damage, meaning you won't earn coins from killing something with this gun.