Longshot Repeater 1887 is a weapon in Six-Guns. It costs 18,500 coins and is unlocked at level 15.


  • Damage: Quite good. In multiplayer, it can take away up to 60 HP on a direct hit and 98 HP on a head shot, if your opponent is wearing Common clothing. Bonus 25% to outlaws.
  • Range: Based on its name; you should know this is the best stat of it.
  • Fire rate: The worst stat, though it is good for its damage. Though it could be better. Rapid firing solves this problem.
  • Reload: Quite fast, though you will fell that it's slow.
  • Ammo: 10 shots when not upgraded and 30 shots when fully upgraded.


  • This is based off of the Winchester 1873 rifle.