Swarm Gun is a special weapon that has the third highest damage statistic in Six Guns, surpassing the Crucificator and behind the Scythe in multiplayer only and The Desecrator being the highest in both single-player and multiplayer. It can be obtained by winning the Gold Bullet Chest in Lottery and now bought from the Shop for 350 stars, making it the fourth most expensive weapon. It fires mechanical bugs that explode on contact. They are simply called Bugs.


  • Damage: This one has the second highest damage stat in single player and third in multiplayer.
  • Range: Very good.
  • Fire Rate: Terrible, but the other stats make up for it when you account the damage and tracking ability.
  • Reload: Pretty quick for a gun with such damage.
  • Ammo: Not much.


  • The bugs do not have enough splash damage to deal any damage to any surrounding enemies.
  • If the target dies in less than the amount of shots fired, the remaining bugs will fly out in random directions, dealing damage if it hits an enemy.
  • This weapon could not be used in multiplayer until update 2.0.0.