Tesla Gun is a special weapon in Six Guns. It costs 35,000 coins and is unlocked at level 13.


  • Damage: Very strong, can quickly take down a high ranked Red Witch. In Multiplayer, it surpasses the Impaler with up to 200 damage.
  • Range: The best stat of Tesla Gun, gives it the ability to shoot lengthly distances, although the orb will arc at long range like an impaler stake.
  • Fire Rate: The worst stat, about the same as the Double-Barrel Shotgun. But even slower.
  • Reload: The third best stat of Tesla Gun, which explains its ability to reload so fast. Some would even say it would be better if it had only one ammo due to the fire rate.
  • Ammo: 16 rounds when fully upgraded.


  • The shots travel slow, so Tesla Gun is not recommended for [missions where enemies move often, but it is a good gun in general.
  • This and the Dual Guns are the most used weapons in the game.